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Align Coaching means effective and sustainable strategies for aligning life. Being able to have someone in your corner as we uncover and utilize your strengths to help you re-shape your professional or personal goals, discover actionable steps to move forward, and get you the life you really want.
1 on 1 Virtual Coaching Program

Align Integrative Health Consulting

This program offers 1 on 1 consulting on the latest science backed research to naturally reduce cellular inflammation in the body, which is a main cause for all chronic illness. We implement customized step-by-step plans which include nutritional guidance, meal planning, lifestyle integration, quality supplementation, therapeutic modalities, and support to maintain healthy habits to align the body to its natural state so you can lead a vibrant life.

Align Therapy

Providing support and guidance on your journey to healing.
1 on 1 in office sessions only

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What our clients say

I was overworked and exhausted. During my busy work week I also had to caretake my father who had grown ill. I felt like I had lost myself somewhere in all the responsibilities. Gabriela really made me see that I am not the only one who experiences these demands. She helped me to clearly organize and implement ways to take care of my responsibilities but also take care of myself! I learned to let go of guilt surrounding that and to let go of my excuses. Gabriela really works with you to not only identify but to remove barriers to the life you want, and deserve.

Anna Anna, Accountant, San Francisco CA

I was very hesitant to seek help in my parenting. It almost felt like I was admitting to myself that I couldn’t do it all, the mother, wife and working role. But Gabriela helped identify my strengths and challenged me at each session to grow. And that’s exactly what I did by the end of our meetings. I felt more confident in how I was raising my children, learned new coping skills for when I was stressed or down, and learned how to connect better with my children. Thank you, Gabriela!




Working with Gabriela allowed me to move past so much anger and resentment I’d held onto for years. In just a matter of weeks I felt a huge lift off my shoulders. She had different coping strategies and activities to share and I was challenged each time we talked. She knows how to empathize and get you unstuck. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her.


I had worked with Gabriela long before she had even started Align and had no idea I even needed to understand, hear, or work with the things she helped me with. My career and life were in a big transition and she really helped me to build a clear idea of what I wanted, how to go about getting my business, and dealing with a lot of the stress this put on my friendships.  She listens, is compassionate, and a true piece to my success.


Who are we?

An integrative wellness practice dedicated to providing accessible and flexible services to our clients.

  • Increase happiness and productivity
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Learn new tools
  • Manage worry, stress, and fear
  • Develop accountability
Improved Well-Being
Productivity at Work
Connection With Others
Skill Development


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